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When Joyce was a child she prayed for a voice with which she could touch people,

and God has answered this prayer.

Joyce sees her voice as a gift from God and therefore wants to use it for his kingdom.

This means that as a singer she chooses to sing mainly Christian music.  

On request Joyce also sings regular music if this fits within her vision and serves a specific purpose. For example, with an accessible service, regular music may appeal to the public more, as is also the case with The Passion of the EO.

Joyce sings in both Dutch and English.

Joyce sings from all known Christian hymns from psalms to revival,

but also requests from bands like Sela and other Christian artists are of course possible.


An impression of the aforementioned can be found on her YouTube channel.

Joyce sings  in church, baptism and other special services.

Joyce also sings at wedding ceremonies, weddings, conferences, women's evenings and on Christian stages.

Joyce can sing accompanied by piano only

but also with a full band with Christian musicians and a backing singer.

Depending on what suits the situation and the budget, the options can be looked at.

A full band gives more volume, but the use of cajon instead of drums creates a completely different sound.

This means that a suitable solution is possible for every situation.

In addition to singing from psalm, church and song collections, Joyce writes her own lyrics and songs.

She does this together with her husband Elbert.

The  songs that Joyce and Elbert write come from their own experiences.

For example, it is about the joy in life,  but also about worries and the sadness that there may be.

Joyce and Elbert have deliberately left room for their own interpretation in the lyrics. In this way they hope that the listener can recognize their own feeling and situation in it and thus extract strength from the songs.

After a service, this is what people often confirm,

and that is where Joyce and Elbert get their greatest satisfaction.

Many of their own songs fit well with many themes and sermons because they are so recognizable to many people.

The songs Joyce and Elbert write are in English,

usually Joyce will tell you something about each song without going into too much detail about your own situations.

Telling something about the songs makes it more personal and pure.

A combination of singing together and own written songs is also possible,

Joyce thinks it's important that people can sing along in a service

and can also accompany the congregational singing as a singer.

Joyce wants to encourage people with the lyrics she wrote herself, she wants to touch people with her voice and music, that people  stimulated and  be inspired by the themes that are mentioned.

She does all this with God the Father as inspiration and source of everything. This is clearly reflected in her songs.

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© 2021 Joyce van Boven -Music-

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