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Joyce (1982) already started singing when she was a little child.

Up to annoying and driving her parents crazy.

Later she was a member of several worship bands,

and a singer in several large Dutch gospel quires.


Joyce got married in 2006 with Elbert who likes to stay in the background but does the administration, the mixing process, social media, making the videos and doing our live sound.

Together they have three children: Joëlle, Tobias and Aimée. ​


Joyce writes all of own her songs, and most of them are written in cooperation  with her husband.

This resulted in a debut album which is titled Joy!.

The recording of this album with a renowned Dutch producer was a great experience in which we learned a lot, but also was quite expensive for something which is not our regular job.

Next to that there aren't many people anymore who buy physical albums. 

For these reasons it was a once in a life time only for us.

Since we still want to bring out our music we decided to try and produce our own music, in our own little home studio and hope to release these songs trough Spotify and other DSP media regularly.

The themes in our songs come from personal experiences,

and there are also biblical influences in most of the songs.

Personal experiences of Joy, but also about the troublesome times that life can bring.

We try to keep the lyrics open for the listeners own interpretation.

In doing so we hope that there will be recognition in someones own experiences and personal situations,  and that they find comfort and strength in the messages of the lyrics.

In this we are surrounded by a band of beloved friends who accompany

us during our perfomances and help us in recording our music.


At this moment we are accompanied by Björn Keizer (Guitars),

Joram Knepper (Percussion),

Henk Everts (Flutes, Harmonica, Accordion),

Jan van de Berg (Guitar and backings),

Michelle Hop (Keys and backings),

and Michiel Fokkelman (Keys).

Next to them we have a lot of other musicians in our network who we work with on a regular base.

Witthout them we could not make our music in the way we can do it now.

We want to inspire and encourage you with our music.

We do  all of this with God the Father as our foundation and inspiration,

which can be heard back in almost all of our songs.

© 2021 Joyce van Boven -Music-

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