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New song Do'nt go

© 2021 Joyce van Boven -Music-

 We found the time to finish another song .

This time it is the song Don't go wich is written by my husband Elbert. Normally he likes to stay in the background but for this song he will make an exception. He will explain what the meaning is of the text in this song.


  I made the picture of this video for an essay about   my socialization of a school I attended. I gave it the title: With mourning borders to maturity.

The black borders  at the side of the picture represent the central roll that death has in live. When I was eight I lost my father. And in the ten years after I lost many more people to death. This had a big influence on my childhood. I didn't have a carefree youth.

The song is about the memories that I'm losing our don't have anymore. They are like an old picture which is getting vague with time.

I found my peace but I don't want to forget the precious memories, because they are all that is left to remember my dear ones.

The beautifull thing is that my own children make me remember my own memories.

Next to the mourning border the picture represents the following to me.

The open window represents the look that I give into my live, but also for doors that open or close. For saying goodbye and for welcoming new people. For the past and for the future.

The silhouette stands for young and old, growing up and being mature, but also for a father and a son.

It looks like the picture of me and my father which can be seen at the end of the video.

I also find it a nice thought that you can look at the silhouette from two sides. You can walk with the sun in your back, or you can have the sun in your face. It can blind you but also warm you. The sun stands for the resilience in my live. He sets but always rises again. The colors of the sun represent warmth, joy and the light of God what drives the darkness away.

I hope you all like the song.



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